DEKARON North America/Europe Service Finally Managed by Developer

The long-awaited new class, ‘ALOKES,’ has finally arrived.

SEOUL, South Korea, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The North American and European services of DEKARON are now managed by the developer, UBIFUN, bringing exciting news to the game’s fans. 

DEKARON is a 3D fantasy MMORPG characterized by its dark and intense atmosphere, featuring thrilling combat mechanics and extreme action. Players undertake missions through in-game heroes to prevent the resurrection of the sealed ‘Karon.’

UBIFUN, the company that develops and services DEKARON, has been directly involved in the game’s development for a long time. From the beginning of the service, UBIFUN has emphasized the importance of "communication" with players. To uphold this commitment, the company engages in real-time conversations with users through Discord and other channels, receiving significant positive feedback from the community.

In fact, since the service transfer on May 3, UBIFUN has been rapidly rolling out updates on a weekly basis. Notably, on June 20, they introduced the highly anticipated new class, ‘ALOKES,’ which North American and European DEKARON players had been eagerly awaiting. UBIFUN has announced that they will continue to implement various updates swiftly in the future.

Character information from the existing VFUN DEKARON can be transferred to UBIFUN’s DEKARON service website at until August 3, 2024 (CEST). Players who complete the transfer will receive a ‘Migration Package.’ Make sure to transfer your character information within this period to experience the superior service offered by UBIFUN.

  • Experience the Thrill of Dynamic Combat
  • Engage in hack-and-slash style battles with vibrant skill effects.
  • Experience 15 unique character classes, each with different playstyles.
  • Enjoy a variety of PvP content such as DK Square, Zuto’s Battlefield, Battle Royale, and Siege Warfare.


UBIFUN Inc., the long-term developer and service provider of DEKARON, is responsible for the game’s development across various countries and regions, including Korea, Japan, Mainland China and Taiwan region. UBIFUN continuously enhances the PC game DEKARON by implementing various updates on a weekly basis, akin to the update frequency of mobile games. This commitment ensures the ongoing development and evolution of the game.