AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios

AlgoriX continues to push for media innovation with AlgoriX Studios by adding mobile gaming to their suite of in-app advertising and monetization solutions.

SINGAPORE, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Media and advertising technology company, AlgoriX, has officially launched its mobile gaming arm, AlgoriX Studios. With AlgoriX Studios, the company aims to groom the next generation of indie game and app developers by providing them with expert guidance and resources on acquiring users, go-to-market plans for local and global markets, and monetization strategies. Moreover, through AlgoriX Studios, AlgoriX will also produce its own mobile games with a few flagship titles slated for global release in the first quarter of 2021.

AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios
AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios

Indie game and app developers can benefit from working with AlgoriX Studios by taking advantage of the synergy among its products. Besides app development and publishing, the company provides in-app advertising and monetization solutions through AlgoriX Exchange. Meanwhile, AlgoriX Entregar facilitates user acquisition. At present, AlgoriX’s advertising platform has accumulated over 900 million active users worldwide while working with over 800 developers and 300 advertisers.

AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios
AlgoriX Ventures into Mobile Games with AlgoriX Studios

AlgoriX Studios also comes equipped with a game automation and distribution platform. This enables developers to conduct a series of automated tests for game products covering price, retention, advertising efficiency, and optimization. By providing a creative demo at the early stage of game development, developers can gauge the game’s potential popularity among users plus the average user acquisition cost in its specific category. Through this, developers can make more informed decisions, adjust projects in time, and avoid large-scale R&D costs.

"Especially for start-up game developers, resources are often scarce, thus creative testing, user acquisition, and monetization often become insurmountable challenges. By working with them from the initial stage of the project, we hope to help them grow and make successful choices through our big data and decade’s worth of experience in the field," says Ruiz Xie, AlgoriX Chief Executive Officer.

In 2020, the global game market revenue will reach 174.9 billion US dollars. Meanwhile, the total number of players will reach 2.68 billion. By 2023, the figures are expected to hit $217.9 billion and 3.05 billion, respectively. This opens a lot of opportunities in the market.

However, lack of funding and business know-how to take their products global limits most boutique gaming studios’ chances to succeed in international markets. By incubating these talented game developers, AlgoriX seeks to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed. Singapore-based GamAI is one of the first game studios to be part of the program chosen for their ingenious game concepts.

"Even though there’s fierce competition in the gaming industry," adds Ruiz Xie, "we believe the market space is large enough to accommodate rising stars such as GamAI. The key to a successful game is creativity combined with strong advertising capabilities. AlgoriX provides such a space where creativity can flourish with the help of technology and business expertise."

For the company as a whole, the strategic addition of AlgoriX Studios enables it to further enrich its ad offerings by providing demand partners and advertisers more targeting options and unique traffic to reach their audience worldwide.

"We have witnessed tremendous growth in our Ad Exchange revenue this year, specifically in our casual gaming inventory. Lockdowns caused by the global pandemic also fueled the increase in advertising dollars spent on gaming inventory as more users download and play games on mobile phones. In addition, compared to previous years, we’re seeing brand advertisers becoming more receptive to advertising on gaming inventory. This is important because only with a robust advertising ecosystem can we bring more talented developers to the forefront," comments Frederic Liow, AlgoriX SVP for Revenue Growth and Strategy. 

Lastly, as part of the company’s effort to continuously innovate in the game development and ad tech space, it also recently partnered with Limpid to monetize its games through Roku TV. Through this, the company aims to further leverage the use of Connected TV (CTV) advertising to diversify its offerings. 

About AlgoriX AlgoriX is an independent global media and technology company. Through its products AlgoriX Studios, AlgoriX Exchange, and AlgoriX Entregar, it delivers game publishing, in-app monetization, and advertising solutions. At present, the company serves over 900 million active users and covers over 30,000 apps worldwide.


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