The Elder Scrolls Online Announces Gold Road Chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online Studios has announced Gold Road, next major installment of the long-running fantasy MMORPG. The new chapter is set to introduce 30 hours of new main story quests, a return to familiar regions, two new zones, a new game system, and more.

ZeniMax Studios also announced the next dungeon DLC for its 2024 content roadmap, Scions of Ithelia. The new PvE DLC adds Oathsword Pit and Bedlam Veil, which are new two and four-player dungeons, respectively. The storylines of both dungeons lead toward the new Gold Road chapter. Players will be tasked with enacting revenge on behalf of the God of Curses and defend the hold of the Demiprince of Maelstrom. The Scions of Ithelia dungeon DLC is arriving March 11 for PC/Mac and March 26 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

The Elder Scolls Online: Gold Road, will bring players back to locations previously featured in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and continues last year’s storyline that began in the Necrom chapter.

Here’s a summary of the Gold Road storyline:

“In Gold Road players must investigate Ithelia, a Daedric Prince never seen before in the Elder Scrolls series and it’s up to players to uncover the schemes of her most devoted followers. Adventurers will encounter opportunistic Wood Elves, and protect the people of West Weald from the chaos of the Forgotten Prince’s return.”

Apart from 30 hours of new main story content, two new zones, and new enemies, Gold Road will also feature a new game system called Scribing. Players will be able to collect and customize unique skills using Scribing, allowing them to change their primary, secondary, and tertiary effects to suit their playstyle.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road is scheduled to launch on June 3 for PC/Mac and June 18 on Xbox and PlayStation.