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Tears of Themis Romantic Rail Getaway Event Launched

Tears of Themis developer miHoYo has launched the game’s latest limited-time event, dubbed “Romantic Rail Getaway – Witness to Love and Promises.” The event, which runs from November 12 to 28, 2021, will allow players to go on several rail trips with either Luke or Marius. There will be several travel routes that will feature five destinations each, with the train stopping at a new destination every day.

Players can check in at the destinations by spending AP, snap pictures at the locations, and complete daily tasks to earn Stelling, card level-up materials, and other bonuses. Players will be able to save their photos and memories in the travel diary that will be given during the event. Players can also receive a free event-exclusive R card, Luke “Gaze” or Marius “Freeze-Frame” by completing all content in the corresponding travel route. Character-specific travel voice lines will also be unlocked after a player completes each day’s travel route story, with each male lead featuring a total of 10 voice lines.

During the event, the “Romantic Rail Getaway” Event Shadow of Themis and Limited SSRs will be available with increased rates. Luke SSR “Peaceful Place” and Marius SSR “Will of the Trees” will also have their drop rates increased. Romantic Rail Getaway’s new dynamic Invitations will also be available from the “Romantic Rail Getaway” main event page, including Luke’s Invitation “Marks of the Wilderness” and Marius’ Invitation “Vacation in the Woods.”  Additionally, completing the travel route of the corresponding male lead will also grant the player a discount.

The Tears of Themis “Romantic Rail Getaway – Witness to Love and Promises” event will run from November 12 to 28, 2021.