Spellbreak “Chapter 2: The Fracture” Goes Live Next Week

Spellbreak developer Proletariat has announced that the game’s next major update, dubbed “Chapter 2: The Fracture,” will go live on April 8, 2021. The major update to the class-based third-person shooter will add a new game mode, Leagues, quests, and more.

Here’s a description of some of the biggest additions that are being added with “Chapter 2: The Fracture:”

  • Dominion Mode – Intense 5 vs. 5 matches where teams compete for dominance over three control zones, with points accrued on the total zones controlled and enemies exiled. NPCs that drop helpful items and scrolls are peppered throughout the map, and players can trade Boons to a potentially shady merchant for better and more powerful gear.
  • Leagues – Built on Dominion Mode, Leagues takes Spellbreak competition to new levels with ranked matches and progression tiers, complete with exclusive rewards for successful and skillful play.
  • More story quests and exclusive rewards – 12 weeks of free, story-driven quests that build off the story from Chapter 1: The Spellstorm, with unique NPCs, in-game missions, and a slew of new cosmetic items to deck your Breaker out in.

Spellbreak “Chapter 2: The Fracture” will launch on April 8, 2021, for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.