Sony Announces MDR Live Concert, Wanted DJ Promotion, and New Line of Headphones

The Sony Center at Filinvest Mall, Alabang, recently played host to a jam-packed event which included a meet-and-greet and performance by Ely Buendia, the announcement of their MDR Live and Wanted DJ promotions, and the launch of their latest MDR headphone series – the High Resolution Audio series.


Ely Buendia came by to talk about his recent projects, his on-going partnership with Sony which includes their latest MDR Live concert, and performed a short three-song set for the attendees. The MDR Live concert is part of Sony’s “Music Deserves Respect” campaign and will be the country’s first Silent Concert. In this Silent Concert, Philippine music icons and Sony endorsers Ely Buendia and Bamboo Mañalac will be enclosed in a sound-proof booth and audience will hear their performance through Sony’s latest MDR headphones. Check out the video below for more info on the MDR Live event:

To get tickets for the MDR Live concert, consumers must purchase Sony MDR headphones of a certain amount. Customers who purchases an MDR headphone worth at least Php4,999 will be get one ticket for the MDR Live event but purchasing headphones above Php15,000 will garner two tickets. More info can be found on the MDR Live promotion website.

Also announced was Sony’s partnership with the country’s premiere DJ studio, Beat Project Manila, for the “Wanted DJ” promotion. The promotion will give consumers the chance to experience the ins and outs of being a DJ and producing electronic music. To participate, consumers who purchase select MDR headphones will get either a discount on Beat Project Manila’s DJ Trial Course or be able to avail of the course for free. More info on the “Wanted DJ” promotion can be found on the promotion website.


Sony’s new High Resolution Audio series of MDR headphones include the MDR-1R MK2, MDR-1RBT MK2, MDR-1RNC MK2, and the MDR-10RC. The first headphone, the MDR-1R MK2, is the refresh of last year’s MDR-1R headphone, the second and third are the Bluetooth and Digital Noise Cancelling editions of the MDR-1R MK2, and the third, the MDR-10RC, is the compact version of Sony’s MDR-10 headphone. All the new headphones support High Resolution Audio which is the classification used for high quality audio files that surpass even the quality of audio CDs. More info on these headsets and High Resolution Audio can be found on Sony’s website.