Are You Safe? Norton Releases Their Report for 2013

How safe do you think you are from cyber crimes?  Is your mobile device protected? Is your personal information really safe? Norton invited members of the press to a presentation of their security report for 2013 and their findings show that many of us who own mobile devices and use social media are probably not protected from and are in danger of cybercrimes.

In their report, Norton found that 41% of online adults have become victims of cybercrimes and related situations in 2013 and that the direct global losses due to consumer cybercrime has already risen to US$113 billion in just the past 12 months.


Norton has also reported that 49% of working adults use their personal device for both work and play and that 30% let their kids play, download, and shop on their work device. In addition, 24% of users save both work and personal documents and files on the same cloud storage account. Philip Routley, Symantec’s Product Marketing Manager for Consumer and SMB, had this to say, “With 49% of consumers using their personal mobile device for both work and play, this creates entirely new security risks for enterprises as cybercriminals have the potential to access even more valuable information.”

The report also states that users who have transitioned to mobile devices over their desktop computers are not taking the same steps to secure their mobile devices as they did with their desktops with nearly 50% of users not taking even basic precautions such as passwords, having security software, or backing up their files.


Social media is also an area of concern with 12% of social media users saying someone has hacked into their social media account in the past and has pretended to be them. Norton has found that 39% of social media users do not log out after each session, 25% share their social media passwords with others, and 31% connect with people they do not know.

Norton has made a list of Top Security Tips & Best Practices for users to follow to better their chances at preventing cyber crime:

  • Defend Your Data – A comprehensive security suite provides a strong defense against online threats. Norton 360 Multi-device offers protection for PCs, smartphones and tablets, in a single solution
  • Think Of Mobile Devices As Mini-Computers – Mobile is the fastest-growing target for cybercriminals. Make sure your mobile device requires a password, and take precautions to ensure your device is protected against theft, loss and cybercrime.
  • Be Cautious In The Cloud – While cloud storage solutions make it easy to save and share files, they also open other avenues for attack. Be careful about who has access to your files, and use a solution with built-in security if possible.
  • Save Sensitive Transactions For Secure Connections – Free or unsecured Wi-Fi networks can make it easy for thieves to eavesdrop on your activity. Avoid doing any sensitive transactions like banking or shopping while connected to these networks, or use a personal VPN client.
  • After You Connect, Double Check – Check credit card and bank statements regularly for fraudulent transactions, and report any suspicious activity to your provider and/or law enforcement.
  • Have A Strong Password – Create complex passwords which include a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and change your passwords regularly.
  • Protect Your Social Network – Don’t blindly click on links within your social networks and avoid clicking on any dubious content you may see with sensational, attractive titles.