Rumble Royale Launches Series of Spotify Podcasts That Unpack Youth Culture

Rumble Royale has launched a series of new podcasts on Spotify that unpack the youth culture of the Philippines. The five new Spotify-exclusive shows cover topics “ranging from love to live, and everything in between.”

Here’s more information on the new Spotify podcasts from Rumble Royale:

  • Why do we focus on the Firsts? FIRSTS with Kayla Heredia features the titular Kayla, a New Zealand born content creator that will give listeners a glimpse into her first kiss, heartbreak, achievement, and downfall. And ultimately, how Filipinos can grow from their own firsts.
  • In OO GenZ Ako, Piachu and Rebyczko discuss the myths, memes, and misconceptions about Gen Zs and Gen Z culture, and let listeners decide which are truths and which are completely cap.
  • Creator Extra Rai talks to Filipinos from various walks of life in The Extra 1%, learning about their journey and figuring out that extra 1% that they needed to level up and be successful.
  • Ano Nanaman!? features the most outrageous but shyest trans girl in Batangas, Pao Pangs as they talk about the life and times of being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community in today’s society.
  • None of that “live, laugh, love” stuff in the hush of the night. In Let’s Pretend It’s 2AM, creator Ria Ramirez will be putting words to feelings that are too difficult to explain and talk about different issues with the self, family and relationships. The podcast promises to be a slap in the face followed by a long, tight hug.

The new Rumble Royale podcasts are now available on Spotify and will feature 24 episodes, with weekly release schedule. You can catch these podcasts and more on the Rumble Royale Spotify playlist.