Ragnarok Arena Launches Pre-Registrations, Milestone Rewards

Ragnarok Arena has launched its pre-registration period and announced its milestone rewards, according to an announcement by developer and publisher Gravity Game Hub. Ragnarok Arena is the latest spin-off in the long-running Ragnarok Online franchise. The new game, which will be coming to Android and iOS, combines RPG, strategy, and idle gaming elements.

According to Gravity Game Hub, Ragnarok Arena will feature a storyline for players to follow and will include over 99 well-known and MVP monsters from the classic Ragnarok Online that players can collect and have fight alongside them.

Here are some of the other features of Ragnarok Arena:

  • Deploy a team of monsters
  • Choose a hero class to enhance your team line-up
  • Challenge dungeon adventures
  • Compete in the Guild War
  • Enhanced Crystal System
  • PvP Fights

Gravity Game Hub has also revealed the milestone rewards for Ragnarok Arena’s pre-registration period, which include both in-game items and physical prizes:

50k Pre-registration:
In-game reward: Dead Branch x 10
Physical Prize: Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds x 1

100k Pre-registration:
In-game reward: ACC Potion x 5

200k Pre-registration:
In-game reward: Bloody Branch x 10
Physical Prize: iPad Air x 1

300k Pre-registration:
In-game reward: Blue Equipment Box x 1

500k Pre-registration:
In-game reward: SS Monster Baphomet x 1
Physical Prize: iPhone 14 Pro Max x 2

Gravity Game Hub is also hosting a Facebook social media milestone event that will also give players the chance to receive both in-game and physical prizes for liking and sharing Ragnarok Arena’s official Facebook page.

Social Media Milestone Rewards:

10k Facebook Page Likes
In-game reward: Dead Branch x 10

50k Facebook Page Likes
In-game rewards:Time Crystal – 24h (Zeny), (Monster Soul), (Talent Fruit) x 1 ea.

100k Facebook Page Likes
In-game reward: Golden Poring 2,000

150k Facebook Page Likes
In-game reward: Dead Branch x 10

200k Facebook Page Likes
In-game reward: Magic Stone x 1

Interested players can pre-register for Ragnarok Arena on the pre-registration website. They can also receive updates and join the social media milestone event by following the game’s official Facebook Page.

Ragnarok Arena currently has no release date yet but will be coming to iOS and Android.