PLDT Launches Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan, Home Geek Squad

PLDT has just launched a new product under its PLDT Home Fibr service that will ensure one’s whole home will have a strong, reliable, and seamless Wi-Fi connection. The Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan from PLDT Home Fibr is the country’s first intelligent home Wi-Fi technology which is designed to blanket one’s entire home with wireless connectivity.

“Each home has its unique characteristics that affect Wi-Fi performance. Wi-Fi is not always as easy as we think. With this innovative service, you can let the experts handle the complex technicalities. We want to make it easy for our subscribers to enjoy high-speed and uninterrupted internet at home,” said PLDT and Smart FVP and Head of Consumer Business – Market Development and Concurrent Head of Consumer Digital Solutions Oscar A. Reyes, Jr.

With the Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan, customers will no longer have to struggle to get wireless connectivity throughout their entire home by buying and setting up multiple routers or range extenders themselves. And with PLDT’s Whole Home technology, subscribers won’t need to manually keep switching SSIDs depending on where they are in their home. The Whole Home technology will automatically and seamlessly have devices in the home connect to the most powerful signal even as the device, such as a smartphone, is moved through the home.

The Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan will include a 50mbps Fibr connection, the Whole Home technology, and FREE assisted installation service by PLDT’s new Home Geek Squad.

The Home Geek Squad is a new group of “technical architects” trained by PLDT to help subscribers set up the whole Home Wi-Fi system in their homes. The Home Geek Squad will provide subscribers with end to end servicing including “professional assessment of problem areas and Wi-Fi dead spots at home to concrete, customized and strategic recommendations for router placements, up to dedicated assistance and after-sales support.”

The new Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan is priced at Php3,499 per month. Existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers can also request to be upgraded to the Whole Home Wi-Fi Plan to gain the benefits of the Whole Home technology as well as access to the Home Geek Squad.