Play Heroes of the Storm With a Friend and Get Overwatch Loot

During the opening ceremony of Blizzcon today where the company unveiled two new heroes that would be coming to Heroes of the Storm, the company also announced a new promotion that will allow Overwatch players to get a new character skin for Genji just by playing Heroes of the Storm with a friend.

Called the Nexus Challenge, those who play at least 15 games of Heroes of the Storm with at least one friend will receive a set of rewards for both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm including a new Oni Genji skin, portrait, and spray for Heroes of the Storm as well as Zarya and an Oni Genji portrait for Heroes of the Storm.


Those who wish to continue their journey further and play at least 30 games with at least one friend will net them even more free loot including several characters, a mount, and a 30-day Stimpack for heroes of the storm. These rewards include Auriel, Greymane, Kerrigan Li-Ming, an Orochi Hovercycle Mount, and a 30-Day Stimpack.

The 15 or 30 games can be played in either the Co-op vs AI, Quick Match, Unranked Draft, or Ranked modes. The Nexus Challenge promotion will begin on November 4 and will end on January 4, giving players more than enough time to complete it.