New Flipboard for Windows 8.1 now Available

If you’ve been looking for a news/magazine app for your Windows 8.1 device then the new Flipboard app may be the one for you. The new version of Flipboard which has been released for Windows 8.1 adds new live tiles for your Windows Start Screen, new swipe gestures, a “Discover” tab, and split/multi-screen capability using Windows 8.1’s Snap feature.

The new live tiles give you the option to pin specific sections, magazines, or Flipboard’s default live tile to your Start Screen. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen will give you the options to subscribe, refresh, edit, and “Flip” things while swiping down from the top brings up modules like “Contributors”, “People Also Read”, “More For You”, and “Magazines You Might Like” depending on where you are in the app.

Other features include the creation of multiple “magazines”, pinning specific sections or magazines to your Start Screen, and social network syncing of up to 12 social network accounts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more. The new Flipboard app is now available for download on the Windows Store.

The folks at Flipboard have released a video that tours you through the new Flipboard for Windows 8.1 which you can watch below: