Honkai Star Rail Unveils Version 1.1 Update

Honkai Star Rail developer and publisher HoYoverse has unveiled the next update for its recently launched turn-based RPG. Version 1.1 will be Honkai Star Rail‘s first update since it was released back in April 26, 2023, and will introduce new playable characters, events, trials, and more.

First off, the three new playable characters that will be added in Version 1.1 are Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong. All three characters have already appeared in the game’s current story and players will now be able to recruit them during the new update.

  • Silver Wolf, who players met during the game’s prologue, is the hacker of the Stellaron Hunters. She is a Quantum element  Nihility character that can lower the enemies defenses.
  • Luocha is the second Imaginary element character to be included in the game’s playable roster. He is also an Abundance type, becoming the game’s third playable healer after Natasha and Bailu.
  • Like Luocha, Yukong is an Imaginary element character but follows the Path of Harmony, so she’ll be buffing allied character.

The Version 1.1 update is also introducing several in-game events, including the Starhunt Game at the Herta Space Station, the History Museum in Belobog, and more. There are also new trials for players to challenge themselves in, such as the Stellar Flare, Garden of Plenty, and Lab Assistants in Position, as well as three new Companion Missions for players to experience.

Lastly, Version 1.1 is also adding new features such as friend chat and automatic enemy pinpointing.

Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1 will be released on June 7, 2023, on PC, iOS , and Android.