Goddess of Victory: Nikke Cherry Blossom Update Is Now Live

Goddess of Victory: Nikke‘s Cherry Blossom update is now live and introduces two new playable characters into the game, the new SSR character Sakura and the new Liberation system SSR character Nihilister.

First off, Sakura is a new Tetra support Nikke that utilizes a sniper rifle called Ichigenkin. Sakura is affiliated with the organization Seimeikai as its underworld queen. Sakura’s banner will be available from March 30 to April 13, 2023.

Along with the release of Sakura, the Cherry Blossom update also adds the new character’s story event. Players will be able to clear levels and earn tokens that can be used to purchase skill materials, research materials, recruit vouchers, and more, in the event store.

There will also be a 7-day login event where players can earn rewards by simply logging into the game every day.

The new update to the Liberation system has also added Nihilister as one of the SSR characters players can obtain exclusively through the system. To unlock Nihilister’s Liberation contract, players must first complete main lie quest 20-31 and accomplish at least one Liberation contract.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is currently available on iOS, Android, and PC.