ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces ROG Strix XF 120 Cooling Fan

ASUS Republic of Gamers is expanding its roster of PC components and accessories once again with the announcement of the ROG Strix XF 120, a new 120mm 4-pin pulse-width modulation (PWM) cooling fan that utilizes 360-degree Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) technology.

According to ASUS, the new ROG Strix XF 120 fans feature an airflow of up to 62.5 CFM, a static pressure of up to 3.07 mm H2O, and operating speeds ranging from 250 to 1800 RPM. The MagLev technology also helps keep the fan running at a quiet 22.5 dB(A) and extends its lifespan to up to 400,000 hours.

The grooves on the fan blades of the ROG Strix XF 120 as well as the design of the frame help direct and channel air better while also reducing noise. The fan hub of the ROG Strix XF 120 has also been minimized to allow for longer fan blades.

The ASUS ROG Strix XF 120 will be available in the Philippines sometime in Q2 2021 at an SRP of PHP 1,620.