ArcheAge Officially Launches in Southeast Asia

ArcheAge, the sandbox MMORPG from XLGAMES, has been officially launched in Southeast Asia. The game, which was initially released in Korea back in 2013, will be available in Southeast Asia in three languages including English, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesia.

The game’s Kyprosa and Orchidna servers are now officially open for players in Southeast Asia. To celebrate the game’s launch, XLGAMES plans to hold several giveaways and events for players in the region. XLGAMES recently held a two-week Character Pre-Creation Event wherein players were able to create, customize, and save their characters prior to the game’s launch.

Jake Song, CEO of XLGAMES and the Executive Producer of ArcheAge, said in a previously released video:

“XLGAMES will directly service and publish ArcheAge in Southeast Asia. Utilizing its experience in development and operations gained throughout the years, he promised Southeast Asian gamers one of the best RPG experience they will ever play on PC. With the deepest and most immersive open-world MMO, players will be able to live their virtual life in the world of Erenor with utmost freedom.”

ArcheAge is now available in Southeast Asia via the LINE POD desktop gaming platform. More information on the game can be found on the official ArcheAge SEA website and Facebook page.