Among Us Is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced, during their Indie World Presentation, that hit multiplayer game Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch. While it was originally released back in 2018, Among Us exploded into the larger gaming community this year, thanks in part to its sudden popularity on Twitch.

Among Us being available and easily playable on multiple platforms, with cross-platform multiplayer, also helped it become more accessible to more people. With the release of the Nintendo Switch, Among Us is now available on the portable console as well as on PC and mobile devices. Notably, the game is free-to-play on both iOS and Android devices.

Developed by indie studio InnerSloth, Among Us is a social deduction multiplayer game where players must determine which of them are imposters while also keeping up with the tasks they have to perform throughout the map. On the other hand, imposters must eliminate all the other players without being discovered.

Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS, and Android.