AMD Launches Radeon Software, Retires Catalyst Control Center

AMD has officially released its revamped and reimagined graphics software suite, Radeon Software Crimson Edition, to replace its old Catalyst Software Suite.

Radeon Software Crimson Edition brings with it a completely new user-friendly interface that launches up to 10 times faster than the company’s AMD Catalyst software, initializes displays three times faster, and includes 12 new and enhanced features such as a new game manager, a new OverDrive manager, and enhanced settings for video, display, and AMD Eyefinity technology, among others.

According to AMD, the new software and driver suite also enables up to 33-percent faster game load times, up to 20-percent more game performance, and up to 1.8 times more energy efficiency capability than its predecessor which can increase system performance-per-watt by as much as 23-percent. It also offers more stability with twice the number of test cases across 15-percent more system configurations.

“As the primary way that people interact with our products, our software deserves to be viewed as a top priority, and going forward that’s exactly what we’re doing, delivering easy-to-use software that is packed with real user benefits, starting with Radeon Software Crimson Edition,” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group. “Radeon Technologies Group is laser-focused on the vertical integration of all things graphics, propelling the industry forward by driving performance per watt, creating innovative technologies and ensuring that the software supporting our GPUs is world class.”

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition is free and available for download at