FSP Launches Refreshed HYPER Series Power Supply Units

FSP has officially launched their new and improved HYPER series of power supplies which have been redesigned for maximized flexibility and overall efficiency. The new HYPER series, which will be available in 500W, 600W, and 700W capacities and either non-modular or modular variants, are all measured to achieve more than 85% efficiency and the 500W and 600W models… View Article

FSP Launches Hydro G 80 Plus Gold Power Supplies

FPS has officially launched a new set of power supply units called the Hydro G series which feature 80 Plus Gold certification and an optimized cooling system. The Hydro G series is designed with cooling in mind with its smart fan, optimized internal component arrangement for optimal airflow, and enhanced heat dissipation. The Hydro G power… View Article