Load Your PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi in 3 Easy Steps

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi gives consumers a way to get an internet connection at home without worrying about monthly bills as they only pay for what they use. Users need only load up their account, much like they load up their prepaid smartphone accounts, and choose the data package that suits them. To make things easier, PLDT has made a simple 3-step infographic guide to help users learn how to easily and conveniently load up their accounts so they can use their Prepaid WiFi faster.

PLDT has also made it easy for Prepaid WiFi subscribers to find out their current prepaid balance. Users need only (1) connect to their PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi, (2) visit pldthome.com/homewifiload, and (3) click View Balance.

Consumers who sign up for the new PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi service need only pay a one-time fee of only PHP 1,995, which comes with everything one needs to avail of the service as well as 10GB of free usage for the first 7 days. More information on the new Prepaid WiFi service can be found on the official website.