Ultiverse: The Ultimate Metaverse is Dropping the Second Round of Their Highly Anticipated Electric Sheep Genesis!

SHENZHEN, China, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The long-awaited Electric Sheep x Ultiverse Genesis round two mint has finally arrived. Leading up to this highly anticipated mint, the Ultiverse team have arranged a series of exciting, top-level secret events – in which members will have the opportunity to not only explore what is to come in the Ultiverse, but also reap rewards.

Surrounding the hyped-up cyberpunk style world, the Electric Sheep NFT collection stays true to this theme, immersing itself into an intricate storyline. The main aim of the collection is to deliver a central concept of "self-awareness", broadcasting the Ultiverse’s positive message of equality, freedom and independence. Part of the events leading up to the drop will involve the Ultiverse’s Terminus City preview, which is set to become one of the first pioneering metaverse platforms utilising world-renowned Unreal Engine 5 – attracting not only gamers into the Ultiverse but investors too, who are taking advantage of the current bear market.

"We are excited to launch our second Genesis NFT mint at the end of July, which will give both players and investors an opportunity to enter the world of Web3 at what we believe to be the most opportune time in the industry – during the bear market. Not only does the Ultiverse provide the community with an intricate virtual world, but also allows the interaction between multiple worlds in a truly collaborative way with the help of our Cyber-Punk themed Electric Sheep NFT drop. The Ultiverse team has lined up multiple events leading up to the Genesis drop which we believe will give the community the ultimate taste test of what to expect from the Ultiverse. We are excited to see you all participate!" Said Frank Ma, CEO of Ultiverse.

The ES: 0rigin event will be focusing on the Electric Sheep’s six main characters, in which the community will be introduced to their individual lore, whilst earning rewards through completing missions, allowing for the successful reconstruction of the character’s backstory. Those who get their hands on the ES: 0rigin NFTs will have a 1:1 3D avatar able to enter Terminus City and join the alpha test, also opening up the opportunity for more airdrops in the future. Apart from being one of the few metaverse projects built using Unreal Engine 5, Terminus City delivers an immersive and realistic experience to players, providing them with multiple gameplay modes. Avatars will give players a full sensory experience, going beyond simply moving around the city. Apart from advanced moves such as climbing, cartwheeling, dancing and shooting, avatars will be able to trade, play mini-games, listen to music, go shopping and more.

The Electric Sheep NFT staking function will be activated on the day of the Genesis mint, also labelled as the "Awakening", which will allow users to accumulate a number of rewards such as Ultiverse tokens, Terminus Land, "Soul", and more. The event will hold an introduction into how to obtain rewards from "Awakening" and run through their full user-friendly interface.

Building the ultimate social gaming universe – Ultiverse is connecting the world of Web3 to an immersive and fully VR compatible virtual world, which will create a unique MetaFi. Seeing a $9.5M first seed round which was led by Binance Labs, along with participation from Sequoia, DeFiance CapitalSkyVision Capital, and Three Arrows Capital, there is no doubt that the second drop will be as successful – if not more. Potential investors can expect a fruitful journey with the Ultiverse, through their Electric Sheep NFT drop.