The Plan G Launched a Story-based Coding Game ‘Odinga Adventure’

– Launched the mobile ver. of ‘Odinga Adventure’ to develop computing and logical thinking skills

– COVID-19 has increased untact education…. spending free time with a coding game

SEONGNAM, South Korea, Oct. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Plan G (CEO Kyeong-ah Lee), a company in ICT-Cultural Convergence Center run by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the National IT Industry Promotion Agency, announced on Monday, October 19 that it launched story-based coding game ‘Odinga Adventure’ on Google Store and iOS AppStore.

In ‘Odinga Adventure,’ extraterrestrial duck brothers ‘Odinga’ and ‘Oringa’ from the Rainbow Planet try to float the rainbow by collecting flowers on the earth. Players will explore various maps to learn the basic functions of programming such as patterns, sequence, binary system, repetitions, and debugging while developing problem-solving skills through logical thinking.

Created for lower grades of elementary school students, educational game ‘Odinga Adventure’ was designed with more detailed learning stages than coding curriculum in elementary schools. Students can naturally get familiarized with basic coding knowledge and mathematical thinking through games and to understand the essential concepts of difficult coding after finishing each stage of learning.

The game consists of 5 stages: Stage 1, ‘Climbing the Ladder’ to understand direction, location and conditions, signals, and debugging; Stage 2, ‘Finding Patterns’ to understand patterns, sequence, and flow chart; Stage 3, ‘Food Vending Machine’ to experience the binary system and debugging; Stage 4, ‘Completing Diagrams’ to combine information by organizing conditions and data; and Stage 5, ‘Coding Game’ to understand the algorithm containing conditions and repetitions.

CEO Kyeong-ah Lee of The Plan G said, "In the end, coding is a tool that helps children develop logical and computing thinking skills. We created an educational game called Odinga Adventure for children to make good use of their extra leisure time for their benefit through untact classes."

She said, "The Plan G’s coding products are presently used by some elementary schools, and we are continuously developing online education contents that are linked to offline."


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