The news on Project Galileo at the Tokyo Game Show: presented the teaser with the voice of Luca Ward, the new key art and collaborations with international professionals.

Key art of Project Galileo are available here

Jyamma Games has unveiled the first key art, the teaser and the collaborations with internationally renowned professionals for the development of the Souls-Like made in Italy.

The narrating voice was entrusted to Luca Ward, actor, director of the Italian dubbing and voice actor of Russell Crowe; Michele Poggi, aka Sabaku no Maiku, content creator, critic and popularizer of the video game medium in Italy, has been hired as an expert in the Souls-Like genre to give external feedback as a player on Project Galileo.

MILAN, Oct. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Turning point for Project Galileo, the Souls-Like set in Italy produced and developed by Jyamma Games who uncovered its cards to the Tokyo Game Show audience by presenting the first teaser, key art and relevant collaborations with professionals of the caliber of Luca Ward for dubbing and Michele Poggi, aka Sabaku no Maiku, to get gameplay feedback from a pioneer of gaming.



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The key art and the teaser immediately highlight the strong Italian flavour of the project, starting from the settings and clues about the protagonist. Project Galileo, an AA + game for PC and console, will be set in a fantasy land that reflects the Peninsula in all its nuances and all its peculiarities, but which, at the same time, does not intend to identify itself with a single historical period.

The goal is, in fact, to reproduce an extremely diverse world, enriched with cultural references even from an ancestral past, which maintains all its credibility. The game’s dynamics and setting have been made as precise as possible thanks to seven months of research and development. In particular, the fighting techniques have been studied in detail from the Flos Duellatorum, an excellent Italian fencing manual of the 15th century, which is still used today in historical fencing.              

One of the elements that contribute to making this project unique is a strong-impact sound.

From the beginning, Giacomo Greco, Founder of Jyamma Games, has entrusted its development to an international talent: Aram Shahbazians, Audio Director of Jyamma Games, composer and sound designer with a relevant background of unique audio experiences in triple A projects (Cyberpunk 2077, Redout and Song Of Horror).

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