HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meta Dance, the first blockchain-based 3D music game, is planned to be released in Q2/2022. Meta Dance is among the first of 3 multi-chain games all slated for release in just one year, within the mixed-reality metaverse of METAXIZ, where people can interact and have live connections with one another. The dream of living the best of both worlds is truly coming into reality.

People are living in the era of explosion in GameFi & NFT projects where millions of players have formed groups and connected to join forces in a bunch of NFT games. In this competitive market, to make a mark and stand out, development teams must focus on product quality and players’ experience. METAXIZ is nowadays looking for a game that maximizes players’ benefits and imagination to ensure steady and sustainable results for both players and investors

AR & AI technologies are the must-have elements in a sustainable metaverse



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During the final stage of completing the first 3D blockchain battle game, METAXIZ has announced plans to launch the first blockchain AR dance game in the next quarter. Far beyond the usual gameplay, METAXIZ is heavily armed with AR & AI technologies to create an ultra-realistic experience for players. Meta Dance will detect players’ facial-emotional expressions and transform these into a part of its gameplay. This is just one more example of the METAXIZ total immersion experience.

Sink into the best melodies with a variety of popular genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, and EDM; a place where players can be professional dancers, conquer challenging playgrounds using their killer dance moves. Imagine, interacting directly with other players through NFTs at online meetups and events. Imagine that in the near future, instead of staring at a flat computer screen, players can teleport their NFTs to dance with homies in Times Square then later, resting at their upscale home in London. That is why METAXIZ was created, to connect everyone to anywhere, whenever they want.

What is METAXIZ then?

METAXIZ is a mixed-reality universe, where all metaverse games gather, taking players from the virtual world to reality and vice versa to create an incredible NFT environment. This is where players’ NFTs, a dancer in Meta Dance, can transform into a warrior in Meta Fight within a click. Or players are free to explore an array of tempting games throughout the METAXIZ ecosystem by just one NFT while all assets relating to that NFT are safely preserved in one system.

MEXI is the system governance token that can be used for trading, staking, farming, voting, lottery, etc.

METAXIZ’s Meta Fight – the first 3D blockchain-based battle game, playable on all kinds of devices (PC & Mobile), will be launched in April 2022. In this game, players have the ability to create their own NFTs by collecting and combining all the parts needed to create their one-and-only superheroes. Superheroes (NFTs) can move freely between Meta Fight and other worlds within Metaxiz, observe all the mechanics, experience everything, and completely immerse in the mixed-reality metaverse.

Meta Fight, Meta Dance, and Meta DIY are all in the line-up and coming directly to all audiences in 2022. METAXIZ is also going to list their token on UNI swap along with their current Pancake swap while keeping to complete their cross-chain marketplace with token and NFTs stake function.

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