CommsEase Brings Revolutionary Corporate Tech Solutions for Social and Entertainment Industries Around the Globe

HANGZHOU, China , April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The hottest topic in today’s digital world is the Metaverse. Compared with mobile Internet, it is technologically more difficult to implement and presents a myriad of technical challenges. In order to overcome these barriers, the development of Metaverse requires more advanced communications and security technologies to provide a more real-time and reliable immersive experience.

Taking a deep dive into Metaverse technologies, CommsEase, the leading cloud communications service provider, is now offering technical solutions for corporations’ Metaverse needs around the globe. The Company’s two new offerings, dubbed "RTM+RTC+Avatar" and "Game/VR Voice," address Metaverse challenges with Real-Time Messaging, Real-Time Communication, Avatar and Voice Communications for Gaming.

CommsEase’s "RTM+RTC+Avatar" solution bring the industry the very first "Virtual Image+Real-time Interaction" in a single SDK, which consumes less time and lower costs for potential developers. Powered by the real-time transmission capability of Communications Acceleration Network, the global intelligent routing network developed by CommsEase, the solution can both vividly restore the image of avatars and realize real-time interaction of avatars, helping enterprise customers take the first step into Metaverse without thresholds. It also enables real-time data capture on client devices and real-time data handling on the cloud, minimizing the algorithmic workload performance on both sides. As a result, users can access the Metaverse world with low-end cell phones and without wearable devices.

As a full-fledged communication solution in the gaming industry, "Game/VR Voice" allows users to communicate with VR voice, VR message, range voice, voice changer, voice to text, content anti-spam and many more. CommsEase has created the first 720-degree spatial voice effect. Compared with the conventional 360-degree voice, 720-degree spatial voice enriches the auditory perception in the vertical direction. With the 720-degree steering scene at the voice sending and receiving ends, players are able to have the same calling and communication experience in the game world as they would in a real-world scenario.

CommsEase has also recently partnered with ZEPETO, one of Asia’s leading Metaverse platforms, and the developer of a popular video game "Mobile Version of New Ghost" for solutions to Metaverse applications.

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