Xbox One Getting Exclusive Machinima Experience

Machinima has announced new exclusive features they’ll be introducing to their app for the Xbox One. Using the Xbox One’s “Snap” capability, users will be able to say “Xbox, Snap Machinima” while playing a game and Machinima’s app will launch on the right side of their TV screen giving users the ability to browse and view videos based on the current game they’re playing from Machinima’s catalog. Videos like walk-throughs, reviews, help videos, and tutorials can be viewed whilst playing your game.

Machinima will also be expanding on this feature and implementing what they call the Machinima Wingman that will be available for a select number of Xbox One titles. Machinima Wingman will provide “richer, custom-created, and exclusive videos to complement gameplay experiences”. These videos may range from in-game help and tutorials to strategy videos.

Machinima has released a short video (which you can view below) previewing what saying “Xbox, Snap Machinima” can do for you in a game like “Dead Rising 3”.