Tokyo Game Show 2018: Android 17 Joining Dragon Ball FighterZ Playable Roster

Android 17 is officially joining the playable roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ, according to an announcement by Bandai Namco Entertainment. He will be available as either a standalone DLC or as part of the FighterZ pass from September 27, 2018. He will be released the same day as Cooler, who was announced last month.

Notably, the playable version of Android 17 is from the Universe Survival Saga of Dragon Ball Super while another version of the character, from the Android Saga, acts as an assist character for some of Android 18’s attacks.

According to the announcement from Bandai Namco Entertainment, Android 17 “can cover himself with a protective barrier – useful in both defense as well as in attack. His strongest move is the Super Electric Strike, a large-scale swirl of energy that can be executed both on the ground and mid-air.”

Additionally, players will be able to unlock the season Z Capsule (Halloween) starting September 26 until the end of November 2018. The capsule will contain new versions of the lobby characters, Halloween Z Stamps, and alternative Halloween colored outfits for playable characters.

Android 17 and Cooler will be available starting September 27, 2018. Android 17 will be the 27th character in the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster. You can check out his character trailer above.