Tears of Themis Launches “Secrets of the Tomb” Limited-Time Event

Tears of Themis has launched its latest limited-time event “Secrets of the Tomb,” in which players can take part in a new story while trying to collect the event-limited commemorative badge, new R cards, a limited Invitation, and more.

The “Secrets of the Tomb” limited-time event will take place in the mysterious ruins of Khaimit where players can experience the “Shadows of Resurrection” story as well as other side story tasks that will be released in stages across the event’s duration. Players can take part in the Tomb of Ita activity and consume Exploration Energy to clear the ruins’ debris and obtain Exploration Points and Experience. Players can also explore deeper into the tomb by raising their Exploration Rank and Exploration Abilities, which will also unlock more Artifact Tasks. Completing these tasks, which can be obtained from Rubis Museum’s curator, will unlock Artifacts within the Museum. Completing tasks will also reward players with the event-limited commemorative badge “Roaring Sands,” limited Invitation “Desert Road,” and R cards of the game’s four male leads.

Additionally, the event-limited SSR cards Luke “Overflowing Thoughts,” Artem “Echoes Ablaze,” Vyn “Flickering Moonlight,” and Marius “Dimly Lit” are now available. The “Sandstorm” Themed Outfits for the four male leads as well as the “Desert Oasis” and “Khaimit Palace” backgrounds will also be available for a discounted price in the Cosmetics Shop for a limited time. Lastly, a Namecard and limited Background will be obtainable from “Oasis Reveries” and there will also be a Total Purchases Event, a Returner event, and daily log-in freebies during the event’s duration.

Tears of Themis is available on Android and iOS.