Special Force is Back, Closed Beta Test Starts on November 24

Playpark Inc. has officially announced that the company, in partnership with Dragonfly, will be bringing back Special Force to gamers across Southeast Asia with the Closed Beta Test for the game to being on November 24, 2016.

Playpark Philippines initially teased the return of Special Force during the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit back in October and gave event attendees a chance to claim a pre-launch bonus at Playpark’s booth at the event.

According to Playpark Philippines, the demand for Special Force is still surprisingly high in spite its old age and the re-launch of Special Force in Southeast Asia will bring back one of the region’s most popular online first-person shooters.

When Special Force re-launches in the Philippines, Playpark Philippines plans to hold Special Force Launch Parties and Pro-League Kick-Off tournaments at several locations around the country.

Playpark Philippines also announced that in 2017, Special Force will join the company’s annual Playpark All Stars summer tournament series which will then lead to the Special Force World Championship. There will also be a regional tournament called the Super League, cybercafe-based Bang Tournaments, and an SF Pro League tournament series.

More information on Special Force including its official launch date as well as all the tournaments that Playpark has planned for next year will be released soon.