Sega Astro City Mini Microconsole Release Date Announced, Announces 13 More Games

Sega has announced that the Astro City Mini microconsole will be released on December 17, 2020, and the next 13 games that will be included in the console have been unveiled. The Astro City Mini will feature a total of 36 games, with 23 titles already announced so far.

The 13 new titles announced for the Astro City Mini include Cotton, Shinobi, Shadow Dancer, Eswat (Cyber Police E-Swat), Crack Down, Gain Ground, Puyo Puyo, Columns, Bonanza Bros., Ichidanto-R, Wonder Boy, Wonder Boy Monster Land, and Wonder Boy Monster Lair.

The first 10 titles that were previously announced include Alien Syndrome, Alien Storm, Golden Axe, Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder, Columns II, Dark Edge, Puzzle & Action: Tant-R, Virtua Fighter, Fantasy Zone, and Altered Beast.

This leaves only 13 more games that have yet to be announced for the Astro City Mini.

Alongside the Astro City Mini microconsole, Sega is also releasing the Amusement Center Style Kit, which includes a base station and a miniature stool to make the Astro City Mini look more like a full arcade cabinet. There’s also the Astro Citi Mini Control Pad for those who prefer to play using a gamepad.

The Astro City Mini, the Amusement Center Style Kit, and the Control Pad are scheduled for release on December 17, 2020, and will be priced at JPY 12,800 (~PHP 5,880), JPY 3,980 (~PHP 1,830), and JPY 2,780 (~PHP 1280), respectively.