MSI Announces Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

MSI has released its list of motherboards that are ready for Windows 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s popular operating system. To be able to install Windows 11 on a computer, Microsoft requires at least TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 as well as a UEFI BIOS so MSI has compiled a detailed list of its currently available motherboards that meet those two requirements.

While the full, detailed list of compatible motherboards can be found on the MSI website, here’s a list of chipsets that are TPM 2.0 ready:

Intel Platform

  • 500 series (Z590 / B560 / H510)
  • 400 series (Z490 / B460 / H410)
  • 300 series (Z390 / Z370 / H370 / B360 / B365 / H310)
  • 200 series1 (Z270 / H270 / B250)
  • 100 series1 (Z170 / H170 / B150 / H110)
  • X299 series

AMD Platform

  • 500 series (X570S / X570 / B550 / A520)
  • 400 series (X470 / B450)
  • 300 series (X370 / B350 / A320)
  • TRX40 series
  • X399 series

To enable TPM 2.0 on compatible MSI motherboards, users need only enable “PTT” (Intel) or “AMD CPU fTPM” (AMD) in the “”Security Device Support” section of their respective motherboard’s UEFI BIOS. For motherboards that use Click Bios 5, the “Security Device Support” section can be found in “Settings\Security\Trusted Computing” while motherboards that utilize Clici BIOS (GSE Lite), it can be found in “Security\Trusted Computing.”

More information on the Windows 11 compatible MSI motherboards can be found on the official website.