Lenovo Unveils AI-powered Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Laptops in the Philippines

Lenovo debuted the Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 laptops in the Philippines that can handle the heavy demands of AAA games while managing overheating issues to achieve seamless gameplay. 

The latest Legion and Lenovo LOQ laptops are equipped with the newly developed Lenovo LA AI Core Chips for a customizable AI-assisted performance boost for a better experience. Moreover, the Gen 9 laptops have a new thermal design solution built to keep up with long hours of gaming. 

“Our mission is to provide Smarter Technology For All and we achieve this by bringing together the best features and innovations to bring our users the best in performance, design, and functionality. The latest generation of Lenovo devices is a testament to that commitment as the devices embody the perfect blend of power, precision, and style that every gamer dreams of,” shared Mike Ngan, Lenovo Philippines General Manager.

Be the Leader of the Pack with the Lenovo Legion Gen 9 Lineup

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

The Lenovo Legion Gen 9 series comprised of the Lenovo Legion 9i, Legion 7i, Legion 5i, Legion Pro 7i, and Legion Pro 5i offers gamers the best of both worlds. 

They are powered by 14th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics. Additionally, each laptops comes with a 16-inch PureSight display which are per-unit oclor calibrated, up to 64GB memory, and up to 2TB of Gen4 PCIe storage on selected devices. 

The Legion 5i and Legion Pro 5i are equipped with an 80Wh battery, while the Legion 9i, Legion 7i, and Legion Pro 7i have a 99.99Wh cell. 

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

The Legion 7i and Legion 5i feature the Legion Coldfront Hyper thermal solution designed in partnership with Intel. The new system optimizes heat management by transforming the airflow within the chassis and channeling the hot air from the chips through a central hyperbaric chamber. 

The laptops are also said to offer cooler temperatures with the bottom D-cover isolating the expelled hot air from the cold air drawn in by dual fans. 

The Legion Gen 9 laptops get up to three years of Legion Ultimate Support and three years of Accidental Damage Protection. 

Dominate with the Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Series

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

Meanwhile, the Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 laptops feature the Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 and Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9. The two laptops come with up to an 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 GPU. 

The latest LOQ laptops also include the Lenovo LA1 AI chip powered by the Lenovo AI Engine+ through Lenovo Vantage. It allows you to tune the laptop’s power, fan curves, and other settings to maximize performance according to your specifications. 

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

These LOQ devices also feature the company’s hyperchamber thermal technology that can draw out up to an additional 25W of power in Extreme Mode while maintaining skin temperatures up to 2°C cooler. Fan noise is also reduced by up to 2dB compared to the previous generation. 

The lineup features a 15.6-inch displays, up to 32GB RAM, and up to 2TB of Gen4 PCIe PCIe. 

Moreover, the latest Lenovo LOQ laptops come with up to two years of Premium Care. 

Innovation and Customizability

At a deep dive session with Clifford Chong, Lenovo Asia Pacific AP Gaming Category Manager gave us a peek into the innovative features of the laptops built from feedback from its community. Among these include the replaceable keycaps and switches and RGB lighting that follows what’s shown display. The former will come in the form of a kit with a removal tool, ceramic keycaps, and switches. 

Moreover, he highlighted the company’s commitment to getting the best parts to deliver and ensure the best experience for its users and community. 

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

“Lenovo’s latest Legion and LOQ lineups exemplify the brand’s commitment to continuous innovation. With these recent improvements to the devices’ internal and external hardware, complimented further by AI-assisted performance boosts and core chips, this generation of devices is the perfect representation of Lenovo’s vision to deliver Smarter Technology, and AI for all,” said Clifford Chong, Lenovo Asia Pacific AP Gaming Category Manager.

The Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 laptops will be available in retail stores. These are priced at:

  • Legion 9i 16” (83G0002CPH) – PHP 354,995
  • Legion Pro 7i 16” (83DE0025PH) – PHP 219,995
  • Legion 7i 16” (83FD003EPH) – PHP 159,995
  • Legion Pro 5i 16” (83DF0080PH) – PHP 144,995
  • Legion 5i 16” (83DG00DGPH) – PHP 114,995
  • LOQ 15IRX9 (83DV00DBPH) – PHP 59,995
  • LOQ 15IAX9 (83GS002APH) – PHP 51,995

Lenovo Legion and Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 Launch

For more information about the Gen 9 series laptops from Lenovo, visit the official website, Facebook and Instagram. If you’re interested in getting a Gen 9 series laptop, head to the nearest Lenovo Experience Store and authorized resellers nationwide.