League of Legends Mega Legacy Skin Sale

The folks at Riot have decided to make available again a large set of previously retired skins for a short period of time. The mechanics, skins, and time period differ per region so check with your local League of Legends website for the exact details. For summons playing on the Garena Philippines servers, the legacy skins like Nottingham Ezrael, Red Baron Corki, and Frozen Shen will be available for purchase at 50% off from November 29 to December 2.

There will be a total of 42 legacy skins made available on the Garena Philippines servers during the promo. We’ve listed all the skins and their respective RP prices below:

Phantom Karthus30
Nightmare Cho’Gath30
Mr. Mundoverse30
Frozen Shen30
Hextech Sion30
Scuba Gragas30
Pharaoh Amumu30
Sonoran Kog’Maw30
Blacksmith Poppy60
Feral Warwick30
Desert Trooper Garen30
Leopard Nidalee30
Yellow Jacket Shen30
Angler Jax30
Unmasked Kayle60
Crimson Akali30
Dragon Knight Mordekaiser30
Spectacular Sivir60
Red Riding Annie30
Vizier Malzahar30
Matador Alistar60
Masquerade Evelynn30
Professor Ryze30
Safari Caitlyn60
Noxus Poppy30
Butcher Urgot60
Badger Teemo60
Sasquatch Nunu30
Highland Tryndamere60
Toxic Dr. Mundo30
Nottingham Ezreal30
Shamrock Malphite30
Swamp Master Kennen30
Kingpin Twitch30
Emerald Taric30
Time Machine Zilean30
Workshop Shaco60
Annie In Wonderland250
Red Baron Corki250
Firefighter Tristana250
Alien Invader Heimerdinger250
The Magnificent Twisted Fate250