GameClub Announces CrossFire 2015 Tournaments

GameClub has officially announced three major tournaments in partnership with three major organization – Mineski, TNC, and PeSO – alongside its annual national tournament leading to the international CrossFire Stars 2015 tournament.

The first tournament, by Mineski, is the Mineski Rivals Series. It features a total prize pool of Php280,000 and will run throughout the year across two seasons of play which will culminate in a grand final event near the end of the year. The regular seasons will run from March to August 2015 and the top teams from each season will advance to the Rivals Championship.

Mineski Rivals Series Prize Pool Breakdown:

  • Series Champion – 50,000 Pesos
  • Runner-Up Team – 18,000 Pesos
  • Third Place Team – 10,000 Pesos
  • Fourth Place Team – 6,000 Pesos
  • Other 4 Teams – 4,000 Pesos each

The second tournament, by TNC, is the TNC eSports Cup 2015. It runs from March until August and will culminate in a Grande Finals in November. The tournament is divided into three stages – Season, Pro-Season, and Grand Finals – wherein the top 8 teams from both the Season and Pro-Season will advance to the Grand Finals.

TNC eSports Cup 2015 Prize Pool Breakdown:

  • Grand Finals Prize Pool – 250,000 Pesos
  • Grand Champion – 160, 000 Pesos
  • Runner-Up Team – 40,000 Pesos
  • Third Place Team – 20,000 Pesos
  • Fourth Place Team – 10,000 Pesos
  • Other Grand Finale Teams – 5,000 Pesos

The third tournament is the Razer Next 2015 tournament organized by the Philippine eSports Organization or PeSO. It will be the first run of this tournament which is composed of six (6) monthly tournaments, called Waves, that will run from April to September. Eight (8) provinces or cities will be organized into two (2) conferences for the tournament with a total prize pool of Php180,000 as well as Razer products. More information on the Razer Next 2015 tournament will be posted on the official CrossFire website soon.

CrossFire Stars 2015

Lastly, GameClub and CrossFire PH will conduct its annual nationwide elimination tournament to find the country’s representative for this year’s international CrossFire Stars tournament. The prize pool for this year’s CrossFire Stars is now over 1,500,000. The national tournament begins this April.