ASUS ROG Announces Back-to-School Gaming Laptop Promo

ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers) has announced its new Back-to-School Promo for some of its previously released ROG gaming laptops. Those who purchased select ASUS ROG gaming laptops during the promotion period, which runs until supplies last, will not only get a discounted price but will also get special bundled items as well as.

The laptops that are part of the Back-to-School Promo include some of the company’s ROG models equipped Intel 8th generation processors such as the ROG Zephyrus S and ROG Strix Scar while the special bundled items range from a free ROG Impact gaming mouse to a VA326H gaming monitor (worth PHP 23,560) and more. 

Here’s a full list of participating gaming laptops during the Back-to-School Promo as well as their respective discounted pricing and special bundled items:

ROG Zephyrus SGX531GX-ES005TPHP 189,995PHP 164,995 (PHP 25,000 OFF)VA326H Gaming Monitor (worth PHP 23,560), ROG Impact Gaming Mouse, Ultra Slim Sleeve
ROG Zephyrus SGX701GV-EV004TPHP 139,995PHP 129,995 (PHP 10,000 OFF)VG258Q Gaming Monitor (worth PHP 15,800) and ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse
ROG Strix ScarGL704GW-EV006TPHP 134,995PHP 129,995 (PHP 5,000 OFF)VG248Q Gaming Monitor (worth PHP 15,190) , ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse, and ROG Backpack
ROG Strix ScarGL504GW-ES013TPHP 129,995PHP 119,995 (PHP 10,000 OFF)VG248Q Gaming Monitor (worth PHP 15,190), ROG Gladius II Gaming Mouse, and ROG Backpack
ROG Zephyrus SGX531GW-ES006TPHP 149,995PHP 139,995 (PHP 10,000 OFF)ROG Impact Gaming Mouse and Ultra Slim Sleeve
ROGZephyrus SGX501GI-EI004TPHP 149,995PHP 129,995 (PHP 20,000 OFF)ROG Impact Gaming MOuse
ROGZephyrus SGX531GM-ES034TPHP 104,995PHP 89,995 (PHP 15,000 OFF)ROG Impact Gaming Mouse and Ultra Slim Sleeve