Strife Closed Beta Key New Year Giveaway! (Update #2: Winners Announced!)

We’re celebrating the new year with a bang by giving away twenty (20) Strife closed beta keys! Check out the Rafflecopter module below to see how you can get a chance to win one of keys. Good luck and happy new year!

(Update #1: Thanks to everyone who took part in our Strife Closed Beta Key New Year Giveaway! We’ll be announcing the winners in the next 24 hours. We just need to make sure all the winners are legitimate (not bots). So keep checking back here, our Facebook page, or your e-mail to see if you’ve won a key. Good luck and happy new year guys!)

Update #2: Before we announce the winners of the giveaway, we’d like to thank everyone who joined our giveaway. If we could give every single one of you a beta key we would. But alas, we only have 20 keys to give away. If we do get more Strife beta keys to give away we’ll definitely let you guys know. So without further ado, here are the winners of our Strife Closed Beta Key New Year Giveaway:

  • Gio V.
  • Ares C.
  • Rui R.
  • Artyom K.
  • Deng R.
  • Nicholas K.
  • Jelena K.
  • Porkepix
  • John G.
  • Doog C.
  • Bursuc-Luca D.
  • Rey D.
  • Iris R.
  • Miguel P.
  • Deo R.
  • Clark C.
  • John H.
  • Adrian S.
  • Jonathan U.
  • Enrico M.

Congratulations to all the winners! You’ll be receiving your beta key in your e-mail soon. Thank you again to everyone who joined and keep following us for updates on Strife and watch out for our future giveaways this 2014. Happy new year everyone!

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  • sufarstar

    hei guys, thanks for hosting those giveaways, I seriously hope I’ll get one :3 Happy new year, everyone!

  • Joaquim Ramos

    Happy new year everyone 🙂 you have a nice website!!

  • Artur Mustafin

    Hello)) Happy new year!!!

  • Khaled

    A beta would be sooooo nice

  • AppleMaster

    How would you know if you have won the key??

    • We’ll be announcing the winners in the next 24 hours and the winners will be sent their beta key through their e-mail. Good luck!

      • AppleMaster

        Nice! Thanks! Wish I could win one! Would make this the best new year xD